Beauty and the Curse

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Published by: StoryFront
Contributors: K.M. Fawcett


Cursed by a jealous witch, wealthy recluse Anabel Charming is destined to grow uglier with each passing year. Only by having sex before her twenty-first birthday can this virgin’s spell be broken. Yet no man will agree to sleep with the humpbacked, pockmarked, one-leg-shorter-than-the-other “Freak of Park Avenue.”

When handsome Chase Singleton shows up on a quest to retrieve his grandmother’s long-lost talisman, which Anabel now possesses, Anabel is willing to give up the jewel…if Chase agrees to break her curse.

With two days left, before her chance at a normal life is lost forever, Anabel and Chase discover the reality of beauty, the power of sexual healing, and the meaning of love.


“A witty and twisted “fairy tale”! This story was well written and hilarious! I enjoyed it from start to finish.”
5.0 out of 5 stars, aleblancon

“Really enjoyed the plot & characters. Very humorous & clever….loved the toads! There’s an old boyfriend I wish I could have turned into a toad… It was also refreshing to not have the characters tear off their clothes for a raunchy sex scene. The romance was genuine and heartfelt. It was a true feel-good story & so glad I read it! Hope these 2 ladies write together again…they are on to something!!”

“They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that sentiment doesn’t work so well for a woman who loses self-confidence every time she develops another disability or disfigurement. It was interesting to see how the relationship between Chase and Anabel slowly develops. Their lives are so completely different from one another that at first I couldn’t imagine them being friends, much less anything more serious than that. The authors did a great job fleshing out both of their personalities, though, and I enjoyed discovering what they do share in common.

By far my favorite character in this story was Chase’s grandmother. Her wry approach to the reality of living in a world full of magic injects humor into the plot, and her warm, loving relationship with her grandson reveals the tender side of both of their personalities. If the authors ever decide to write a sequel to this novella, I would be quite interested in hearing more about this universe from this character’s perspective. She’s experienced quite a bit in her long life and I get the impression that she has a lot to say about it.

I’d recommend Beauty and the Curse to anyone who loves modern-day fairy tales or a heavy dose of whimsy. There is plenty of both to be found between these pages.”
LAS Reviewer

“First off, let’s get the technical stuff out of the way. This story was very well-written and easy-to-read. It was fast-paced and kept my attention throughout. Anabel is a young woman that was cursed to become uglier the older she got. She had until her 21st birthday to break the curse. To break the curse, she had to get a man to have sex with her, very hard to do with a hunchback and liver spots. Chase is a man that loves his grandma and will do whatever he can to keep her safe. He needs to get a charm necklace from Anabel to save his grandma. The two work out a bargain to accomplish both their goals. Throw in a little magic, a Grease loving dragon, and you’ve got quite an adventure.

I loved this short story. It had me laughing out loud. I loved all the characters and how practical they were. I loved that Chase was looking for an actual relationship rather than meaningless sex. I loved that Anabel would do anything to break her curse, she had so much determination. Overall, this was a fun and lighthearted read. Perfect for an afternoon spent reading.”
5.0 out of 5 stars, Amazon Customer


After Anabel had showered and dressed, it was Chase’s turn in the bathroom. Hot water cascaded over his body, fortifying him with courage. Once he finished his shower, he’d sweep Anabel off her feet and take her to bed. There would be no more waiting. Too many lives were at stake now. Anabel, Gram, and the toad-people all depended on him and his ability to break the curse.