All You Need Is Love

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Caitlyn Stiles’ plan is to take over her family coffeehouse; until Cunningham Coffee moves to town and puts every mom and pop coffee establishment within fifty miles out of business. In doubt about her future, she travels to Boston to care for her ailing grandmother and take a part-time job as a dog walker.

Jack DeVane is on the fast track to becoming the youngest CEO in Cunningham Coffee history. Focused, determined and dedicated, he doesn’t let anything get in the way of his goals...until a little homeless dog wanders into Jack’s condo, and a beautiful dog walker wanders into his heart.

Can this little dog teach Caitlyn to let go of her resentment?

Teach Jack there’s more to life than work?

And teach them both--that all they really need is love?



"What a cute, whimsical story; all with a lesson hidden beneath the pages. With a dog as cute as Little Man, and a man as sexy as Jack, what more could you want? Jack and Caitlyn, and even grandma, keep you in chuckles with the mishaps and accidents. It is a great pick-me up read."
—Coffee Time Romance & More 

"All You Need Is Love" by Cathy Tully was a sweet romance novel and if you are a dog lover ... this one really is for you. Truly 'Little Man' will really capture your heart .... along with...Jack....Caitlyn and grandma. All of these characters will really give you laughter with all that this author has put into this read for the reader. I found that I wasn't able to put down the read until I had finished with it. If you are looking for a fun sweet romance..."All You Need Is Love" is a sweet romantic read and I would recommend it to you."
—Arlena Dean, GMTA Book Blog, 5 stars

"What an absolutely enjoyable book to pick up and read anytime. You don't have to be a dog lover to love, All You Need Is Love. It's just so darn cute, that anybody with a heart or who likes their funny bone tickled, will love this book. It's like a welcoming dog that greets you when you return home from a long day: happy, delightful, unquestioning, and fun. The story proves that others can teach us what we need to learn to be happy, and sometimes the teacher doesn't have to be another person. Real fun!"
—Blue Skies, 5.0 out of 5 stars

"All You Need is Love is full of sweet, endearing, funny situation with a precious puppy in the midst of it all. Cathy Tully has captured Little Man's personality perfectly and shown how problems can be overcome--as long as there's love. I loved it!"
—Amazon Customer, 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Sometimes it's the simple pleasures in life that bring us the most happiness, which Cathy Tully shows in "All You Need Is Love". Two people are thrown together by man's best friend, and the love that they develop for this dog, Little Man, is the catalyst for their own relationship. A sweet and endearing read. Hope to see more books from this author."
—Shari Ortiz


Jack’s head spun around as he sought the female voice in the waiting area. He cleared his throat and walked over to where the attractive curly haired brunette sat. When he caught her gaze he wasn’t prepared for her deep green eyes with small brown centers. A guy could get lost in those eyes. He extended his hand. “Jack DeVane. Nice to meet you.”

“Caitlyn Stiles.”

A spark raced through his fingers when she met his handshake. When she smiled, Caitlyn’s green eyes danced. From her genuine smile, to the gleam in her eyes, she could have been on the town’s welcoming committee, because that’s just how she made jack feel. Warm and welcome. “Cute, isn’t he?” Jack nodded at the puppy in his arms.

“Sure is.” Caitlyn scratched the little dog’s head.

Jack sat beside her on the bench, his mouth suddenly dry and cottony. He glanced down at the big older dog panting by her feet. “You wouldn’t happen to want another dog, would you?”

“Sorry?” Her lips pressed into a tight line.

Placing the puppy on the floor, Jack nodded at Caitlyn’s dog. “To keep him company.”

“He’s a she. And no. I don’t want another dog.” She shook her head. “I can’t believe you.”

Jack raised his voice in an effort to be heard over three barking poodles. “What? I’m not doing anything wrong. I just want to find him a good home.”

“Seems to me he already has one.”


“With you.”

“Ginger.” A veterinary assistant called from the desk.

Caitlyn stood at the sound of her dog’s name. Ginger licked Jack’s puppies nose sending him sliding across the floor from the force.

Jack shrugged. “See? They like each other.”

“Ginger likes everyone. We have to go.” One of the noisy poodles inched toward Ginger, teeth bared and growling, Caitlyn tugged gently on Ginger’s leash pulling her closer.

“Wait.” Jack placed his hand on hers.

Caitlyn stepped back and pulled her jacket tighter around her.

“Please. I really could use your help. I’m desperate.”

She jammed her free hand into her pocket. “He’s a little dog. Not an atomic bomb. There is no special care necessary, just food, water and a little love. I’m not in the position to take a dog right now. Besides, he likes you. Why can’t you see that?”

“But my schedule doesn’t allow for a dog.” He said to no one since Caitlyn had left leading Ginger into an examining room. Jack ran his hand through his hair. Now what was he going to do?